How does the consultation work?

If you are wondering what to expect from consultation and how the process works you should read this article. On a daily basis, I receive many questions related to immigration, eligibility assessment and etc., and I would love to answer all these questions, but the reality is that some questions require a deep understanding of your personal circumstances in order to answer them. That is why I suggest to book a consultation, where we can discuss your situation in details and I can provide proper and professional advice.

 Prior to the consultation clients are asked to fill the questionnaire and return it to me. Based on the client’s answers I get prepared for the consultation. If a client needs the eligibility assessment, I will prepare the description of all programs the client is qualified for, pros and cons for each of them and what my view of the client’s situation is.

 It requires a preparation, time for research plus the time for the consultation, and time for follow-up.  I always sent a follow-up email with the description of what we covered during the consultation and links where my client can find more details for the information I provided. Even more, I continue to answer questions even after the consultation! If the client gets confused or needs extra clarification, I am here to guide and help him. Furthermore, I will notify clients if there are any changes to programs which make them eligible to apply! For some, it is a lifetime opportunity to immigrate to Canada!

So, all these services are included in consultation, and you will get so much value just in one consultation. However, do not expect that I will suggest the easy way of immigration without knowledge of language or work experience, and etc.  I will not offer you a “magical” solution in these circumstances.

I hope this info would help some readers in making their decision whether or not to retain me. If you would like to schedule the consultation, please contact me, and I would be happy to assist you.  

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